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Date Tournament Place
1st - 7th Australian Open Melbourne
14th - 20th Paul Hunter Classic Furth, Germany
26th - 30th Euro Players Tour Championship Sofia, Bulgaria

Australian Open, Melbourne
(1st - 7th August)

The Australian Open is one of the most prominent tournaments in the World Snooker Tour calendar. It takes place in Melbourne, Australia's cultural capital, and attracts top-tier snooker players from around the globe. Over the span of a week, competitors battle it out on the baize to secure the prestigious title. The tournament is renowned for its high standard of play and the unique challenges posed by the distance of travel and time difference. Players and spectators alike look forward to the Australian Open for its blend of top-quality snooker and distinctive Australian hospitality.

Paul Hunter Classic, Furth, Germany
(14th - 20th August)

The Paul Hunter Classic is a beloved tournament in the snooker world, held in Furth, Germany. Named in honor of the late three-time Masters champion, Paul Hunter, this event holds a special place in the hearts of both players and fans. The tournament is known for its spirited atmosphere and consistently high-level competition. Over the course of a week, top international players converge on Furth to battle for the title, honoring the memory of a great player while showcasing the skills and strategies that make snooker such a captivating sport.

Euro Players Tour Championship, Event 1, Sofia, Bulgaria
(26th - 30th August)

The Euro Players Tour Championship kicks off its first event in Sofia, Bulgaria. This tournament is a crucial part of the Players Tour Championship series, which is a staple on the professional snooker calendar. Over five days, top-class players from around the globe gather in the Bulgarian capital, each vying to make a strong start in the Championship series. The tournament is known for its high stakes and the exceptional talent it attracts, making it a must-watch event for snooker fans and an important arena for players to gain valuable ranking points.


Date Tournament Place
4th - 10th Six-red World Championship Bangkok, Thailand
16th - 24th China Championship Guangzhou, China
28th - 2nd Euro Players Tour Championship Lisbon, Portugal

Six-red World Championship, Bangkok, Thailand
(4th - 10th September)

The Six-red World Championship, held annually in Bangkok, Thailand, is a unique event in the world of professional snooker. This tournament is a deviation from the traditional 15-red game, requiring a completely different strategic approach, which tests players' adaptability and tactical skillset. With the world's finest players participating, this championship is not only exciting due to its unusual format but also for the thrilling performances it guarantees. As a significant stop in the snooker calendar, it offers players a chance to showcase their skills in a distinctive context while vying for an esteemed title.

China Championship, Guangzhou, China
(16th - 24th)

The China Championship is one of the significant fixtures on the professional snooker calendar. Held annually in Guangzhou, China, this prestigious tournament has gained a reputation for its high level of competition and generous prize money. The tournament attracts top-tier players from around the globe, making it a hotbed of high-stakes matches and thrilling showdowns. Amid the grandeur of China's vibrant city, players battle it out on the green baize, aiming to make their mark in the tournament's rich history. This event offers players an opportunity to showcase their skills to a large international audience and further cement their legacy in the world of snooker.

Euro Players Tour Championship, Lisbon, Portugal
(28th September - 2nd October)

This leg of the European Players Tour Championship, set in the historic and beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal, is a highly anticipated event in the snooker world. The tournament features a host of internationally renowned players who compete against each other in a series of high-pressure matches. The unique atmosphere, combined with the stunning locale and top-tier talent, make this event a captivating spectacle for snooker enthusiasts worldwide. Players vie not only for the prestigious title but also valuable ranking points that could boost their standing in the global snooker rankings. This event is a test of skill, nerve, and strategy, as participants aim to outwit and outplay their rivals on the green baize.


Date Tournament Place
6th - 9th Star Xing Pai Players Tour Championship Sheffield
13th - 16th Star Xing Pai Players Tour Championship Sheffield
20th-23rd Euro Players Tour Championship Vilnius, Lithuania

Star Xing Pai Players Tour Championship, Sheffield

Sheffield, known as the city of snooker, is set to host the next Star Xing Pai Players Tour Championship event. This tournament, backed by Star Xing Pai, a leading global snooker brand, is a significant date in the professional snooker calendar. It gathers a selection of top-tier snooker talent from around the globe. As with all Players Tour Championships, this event provides a thrilling platform for players to display their prowess on the green baize and vie for valuable ranking points. Attendees and viewers can expect tense, high-stakes games that exhibit the best of professional snooker.